Kappa Theta Pi Alpha Chapter

We Do What We Love.

Kappa Theta Pi takes pride in being the first professional technology fraternity in the country. Our members learn a plethora of skills needed to stay knowledgeable about the tech industry, as well as a strong sense of professional development for future job positions.

KTP was founded on January 10, 2012, with the mission to create a tech community that enthusiastic students could join. In making KTP, the founders set up a strong community that has only grown in the 6 years since its inception.

Our members come from all around campus. We are designers, analysts, computer scientists, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, economists, philosophers, psychologists, and more. What makes the KTP community strong is our shared passion for technology and our unique backgrounds meshing together as one.

Our Leaders

Josie Elrodi


Ava Randa

Vice President

Tyler Eastman


Adam Konig


EJ Knighton


Fee Christoph


Jacob Kirsch


Jessica Borin


Caleb Fisher

Professional Development

Dania Abdulhamid