Kappa Theta Pi

Professional Fraternity

Est. 2012 in Ann Arbor, Michigan




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Kappa Theta Pi seeks to create a diverse brotherhood united by a love for technology.

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Welcome to Kappa Theta Pi. We’re the world’s first professional technology fraternity, homegrown at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. From code monkeys to designers, we’re a brotherhood founded on a love for technology. Together, we are focused on professional, technical, and social development. Our commitment to living on the cutting edge enables us to grow the leaders and the best. We have big dreams, and together we bring them to life.

We love tech. We love each other.
We’re technopassionate.

- Justin Anderson, President

In 2012, a group of informatics students discovered a gap in student organizations for those passionate about the intersection of people and technology. So they built one. Kappa Theta Pi became the first co-ed professional technology fraternity at the University of Michigan. The focus was to collaborate over professional development while creating lifelong bonds. In 2013, the fraternity decided to expand, focusing more on those with an underlying passion for technology. This new expansion allowed the fraternity to recruit business, engineering, and liberal arts students.

With this diversity, Kappa Theta Pi now focuses not only on professional development--including company talks, resume reviews, and mock interviews--but on technical development--teaching web and mobile development as well as UX and project management skills. With passion for technology still guiding the fraternity, KTP also gives back to the community, volunteering at local high schools to tutor computer science, with local businesses to offer technical support, and with the student body by promoting best practices and open-source.

As a fraternity, Kappa Theta Pi values brotherhood and has an equal focus on strengthening those bonds through social events. These activites include trips to corn mazes, hockey games, and an annual formal dance. Whether it's forming a startup, developing professional skills, or learning more about the world, the fraternity offers a tight-knit community bringing together fresh ideas, perspectives, and skills. Kappa Theta Pi develops the leaders and the best.

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Kappa Theta Pi provides a wealth of opportunities to develop both professionally and personally. We offer exclusive recruiting events, résumé workshops, web and mobile development skills training, professional photography, leadership roles, study groups, networking, and social events.

Rush occurs at the start of Fall & Winter semesters.



Tuesday, 1/13 4-7pm @ The Union

United Rush

Wednesday, 1/14 4-6pm @ The League

Open House

Thursday, 1/15 7-9pm @ 2435 NQ

Monday, 1/19 4-6pm @ 2435 NQ

  • Brief presentation to help you decide if KTP is right for you
  • Chance to introduce yourself to the brothers and ask any questions you may have


Tuesday, 1/20 7-9pm @ 2435 NQ

  • Come get to know us and learn what we are all about
  • Relax and have fun with the brothers during “speed dating”

Game Night

Thursday, 1/22 7-9pm @ 2435 NQ

  • Play games with the brothers and continue getting to know about us and KTP

Application Deadline

Friday, 1/23 11:55pm


Sunday, 1/25 1-4pm @ 2435 NQ

  • Secret Rush Event


Mon-Wed, 9/26 - 9/28, Details to come

  • Show us your professional side in an interview with KTP Eboard members
  • Dress Code is Business Casual

We ask that you attend at least one open house and all rush events. They will be great opportunities to meet members of this fraternity and determine whether we are a fit for you. All of the events will be fun and orientated around getting to know you and how you think. You will receive an email confirming the venues before the event commences. Please arrive on time.

Check out the google calendar!


Why rush Kappa Theta Pi?

Kappa Theta Pi is still a relatively new organization, yet already boasts successful alumni, working fulltime at companies such as Cisco, Amazon, Boeing, Ford, and Microsoft. Current members have interned at Yahoo!, Domino's, University of Michigan Health System, Kellogg’s, and ADP. With just two graduating classes so far, KTP’s networking is already stretching far. KTP’s focus is threefold, in professional development, technical development, and fun. We have interview workshops with actual industry questions, resume reviews, professional photoshoots, and company talks. On the other side, we have a development team that is constantly working on new projects, giving members a chance to learn a new skill while having a project to show for it too. Many of us take similar classes, which creates instant study groups, and lots of help. However, we also love to have fun, hosting multiple social events throughout the year, including a formal and participating in Professional Greek Week, as well as supporting our brothers’ by attending their performances, such as IASA and Groove.

In other words, why not rush?

What does KTP look for in an applicant?

KTP looks for passion for technology. Whether this passion comes in the form of graphics and film, entrepreneurship, politics, just creating interesting apps, or any other forms. We look for those who are committed to the Fraternity, and want to spend time working for and with the fraternity. This is not the place for a resume builder. Majors and GPA (as long as above a 2.5) are not the main component in choosing a pledge class. We look for people who both mesh with the fraternity and add diversity of thought.

Is KTP limited to BSI students?

Absolutely not! KTP brothers are represented in 4 different colleges and have multiple unique majors with the most common being computer science and BSI.

How long is the rush process?

The Rush process, offered both at the beginning of the Fall and Winter Terms, consists of two to three weeks of events, including attendance of one Information Session, 3 rush events, and a professional interview with the executive board.

Who is eligible to rush?

Any current undergraduate student with three or more semesters left at the University of Michigan, including the current semester. That includes first-semester freshmen, transfers, and seniors planning to stay an extra semester. In addition, the student must not currently be a brother of another Professional Fraternity (Social Greek is fine).

What if I am unable to attend a rush event?

We understand that conflicts happen, so we won’t penalize any rushee who can’t attend a rush event. However, you must provide prior notification of your conflicts. Contact Membership Chair Sam Bolin (sbolin@umich.edu) for approval.

How important are grades?

We take transcripts into consideration, but they are not overly important in the decision process. We do have a GPA requirement of a 2.5 for the fraternity as a whole, which is enforced for anyone who has attended the University for a semester or more. We look at each potential member holistically and there are many other factors besides grades to indicate success in the fraternity.

Can I rush more than once?

Absolutely! We wish we could take everyone, but unfortunately we have a limited number of bids each semester. We recognize rushing a second time as true commitment to the fraternity and desire to join.

Do I have to pay any dues?

Yes, we have a small membership fee. This money goes toward running the fraternity including social and professional events. We understand that money can be tight as a college student, so anyone who cannot afford dues can meet with our Treasurer and President and discuss alternative options.

What does pledging entail?

Pledging takes place over the entire semester, with multiple pledge class tasks as well as individual meetings with actives. Initiation is typically the last week of classes.

What’s the time commitment of a pledge?

Time commitment is dependent on the pledge class and the time of year. We are aware that this is an extracurricular activity, and comes second to classes. We believe the pledge process is indicative of future commitment to the fraternity, and therefore requires considerable time commitment.

What is the time commitment as an accepted member of KTP?

To maintain active status as a brother of KTP you must attend bi-weekly chapter meetings, be a member of a committee, and fulfill 10 community service hours as well as attend 2 professional development events a semester.

Sounds great! Can you put me on an interest list?

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

For rush specific questions, contact membership chair Samantha Bolin(sbolin@umich.edu). For all other inquiries, Go Here

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